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www.liverpoolculturecafe.com Launches August 14, 2007

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We received a message from the Liverpool Capital of Culture 08 Facebook group. It tells of the launch of a new initiative to set up a ‘culture cafe’ in Liverpool:

The product of the Liverpool Culture cafe facebook group has now launched: www.liverpoolculturecafe.com.

The Liverpool Culture Cafe is a Charitable organisation which will bring people together, from around the World, who have a passion for Liverpool, in order to create a Cafe in the heart of the City.

The Liverpool Culture Cafe will be be a platform for Cultural enrichment, informing guests about the cultures found throughout Liverpool using it’s menu and Arts.

It will be a platform for new and emerging talents.

The profit from this organisation will be used to support the growing talents of the area, continually investing into Liverpool and its future.

We are looking for 25,000 people from around the World who will make a promise to the future of Liverpool by pledging just £20. We have a matter of months before launch to find 25,000 people. Once 25,000 people have registered their pledge they will then be requested to offer their support of £20 and you will play an exciting role in the Liverpool Culture Cafe developments.

This is a Worldwide Capital of Culture first and we want you to be a part of it, here in Liverpool.

We have already receieved some local media interest. Please head over and register now on www.liverpoolculturecafe.com and then tell your friends, family and relatives.

The quest is on to find 25,000 people who will pledge a promise to Liverpool. Will you be one of them?

Mark Bowness
on behalf of the Liverpool Culture Cafe development team

Liverpool Chamber wishes them luck with this venture.



1. Dug - August 14, 2007

This has all the hallmarks of a internet scam. Please send 20 pounds??

The aims of the project – funding for artsy types to get together and drink coffee –
One of the main problems in the running of Liverpool is artsy types getting funding to get together and drink coffee.

Which is why Liverpool couldn’t can organise a piss up in a brewery!

Have you a registered charity number?

2. liverpoolchamber - August 14, 2007


Thanks for your comment. I’m pretty sure this isn’t a scam, otherwise I would not have included it on the Chamber blog. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the project, you would be best contacting:

Liverpool Culture Cafe
C/O Glasswerk.co.uk Ltd
85-89 Duke Street
L1 5AP

e-mail: admin@liverpoolculturecafe.com

phone (UK): 0796419751
phone (Abroad): +44796419751

As for the project’s aims, they seem to be a bit more far-reaching than just drinking coffee, and seem genuinely concerned to create a grass roots arts-based facility in the city centre.

As a keen supporter of any type of endeavour that can help Liverpool prosper, whether in business or the arts, we felt it appropriate to pass this news on. As suggested, any questions or concerns regarding the project would be best directed at the contacts listed above.

Thanks again. We’re always happy to hear from our reader with any questions or comments.

Nick Jones
Web Content Officer
Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

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