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Adecco Premier – It’s All About Asking The Right Questions August 13, 2007

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Recruitment is something that touches every business at some point. In many cases it results in uncovering new talent that quickly becomes an asset to a business. However, there are occasions, when for some reason, something simply does not gel. The person that ‘wowed’ in the interview just does not materialise into the star you hoped for. This can often be a costly mistake both in terms of time and money.

There are numerous reasons for this, but often this situation can be traced back to poor interviewing. Too often interviews resemble a cosy ‘fireside chat’, lacking in structure, focus and with an agenda guided only by a CV created by the candidate, not in relation to the specific job role.

This is where a recruiter can add some real value, but too many let the industry down by acting as little more than a CV job shops. Adecco Premier is different. We train every consultant in Competency Based Interviewing (CBI) techniques and guarantee that every candidate will be assessed in this way. This not only ensures consistency across every consultant interview but also provides clients with the peace of mind that short listed candidates will be real potential employees.

So what is CBI? Put simply it is a structured series of questions aimed at assessing behavioural information against specific job-related competencies. At Adecco Premier we have developed our own successful version named S.O.A.R that analyses behaviours through situational, objective action and result based probes.

So why should you care? In short, it can save time and money. By getting the right CBI framework in place, the interview evaluates behaviours and not just skills. Research shows that past behaviours are a good indicator of future behaviour. There is no room for vagueness that leaves either side unsure of whether the job it is the right match for them or not.

Once understood, CBI can be used beyond simply the recruitment process and can play a valuable role in wider areas such as internal promotion, appraisals and assessing training needs.

To find out more about CBI and how it can help your business recruitment please call the Adecco Premier on 0151 243 5900 to speak to David and the team.

Adecco Premier
8 Chapel Street
L3 9AG

Tel: 0151 243 5900



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