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Friday Fun – Triple Header! August 10, 2007

Posted by liverpoolchamber in Friday Fun, World Wide Web.

We’ve not posted any Friday Funs for a while, so here’s a glut of gubbins to keep you out of the sun on your lunch break.

Pandaf Golf

First up is Pandaf Golf. It’s a Japanese golf game that starts off deceptively easy but by level 10 will have you wanting to punch out your monitor. You control the direction and strength of your shot by positioning your mouse in the ball’s ‘aura’.

Google Flight Sim
To calm you down after that, why not take the Google Maps Flight Sim for a spin? You control a cute little biplane as it flies over imagery taken from the, like, totally awesome Google Maps. When you get bored, you can make it crash too.

And after all that, sit back and watch an amazing video of a battle between buffalo, lions and a crocodile. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry etc…


1. missbugg - August 13, 2007

Re Buffalo vs Lions, just show the power of numbers against strength!

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