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Employers Should Address Concerns Now As 45% Of Workers Plan Career Change July 30, 2007

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As a premier provider of recruitment solutions to Liverpool businesses, Adecco Premier prides itself on understanding the complex “people pressures” organisations face on a daily basis. To ensure it not only understands the needs of candidates but also its clients, Adecco regularly conducts research into key workplace issues, the most recent being a six-month study with the Institute of Employment Studies entitled ‘Work in Progress’.

The report investigated attitudes and opinions towards the workplace today, examining the key employee issues of motivation attrition, whilst also exploring the role that HR can play in solving this.

History shows us that the employer/employee relationship is often taken for granted by employers, but is a relationship that demands serious attention if companies are to keep their most valuable assets, their people. The report highlighted how fundamental changes in the way businesses tackle employee management, coupled with changes in the recruitment landscape, have resulted in new and potentially damaging disconnects between businesses and their workforce.

Businesses appear to be in danger of letting vital factors in staff retention slip between various layers of management and the day to day running of the business. Findings stated that nearly half of current employees plan to leave their company in the next three years in search of better salaries, security and training. The report also quantified that it takes an average of seven weeks to replace an employee once they have left the organisation; five weeks for standard employees, rising to 15 weeks for management.

When asked how businesses monitor employee motivation the majority appear to have little process in place and crucial dialogues with employees are worryingly absent.

The findings provide a serious wake up call for all businesses that complacency is costly. Employee attrition represents a serious cost to any business, not just in financial terms, but also in reduced employee productivity and loss of knowledge. If businesses do not start engaging with their employees, they will ultimately vote with their feet and leave.

With over 12 years experience the Liverpool Adecco Premier team offer a fresh approach to recruitment, ensuring that interesting, talented and skilled people are matched with local businesses needing premier staff solutions.

Call 0151 243 5900 to speak to David and the Adecco Premier team.
8 Chapel Street Liverpool L3 9AG



1. Laura Holmes - August 6, 2007

I believe that this is, in part due to an attitude amongst employers that all employees must be multi-skilled clones of each other. This puts pressure on employees to perform in work and situations which they are not comfortable and in which they have no particular desire to develop.
In my opinion, employers should instead gain an understanding of employees’ personal skills and preferences and should then allocate work in accordance with these findings. This would then motivate employees, give them more pleasure in the work while also utilising their individual skills to produce the best results.

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