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Latest News From The Chamber HR Service July 10, 2007

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Log on to Chamber HR!  www.chamberhr.co.uk

By now members should have received username and password to enable you to access the Chamber HR website.

ChamberHR provided by Qdos Consulting is a comprehensive Human Resource service delivered through the ChamberHR website and a dedicated 24 hour advice line. ChamberHR is part of the Chamber Legal Expenses Scheme, giving you complete peace of mind.  As a result you’ll get proactive advice through ChamberHR but also insurance to cover the cost of representation and awards in respect of Employment Tribunal claims.

The ChamberHR Advice Line provides fast and accurate guidance on all questions of human resource and health & safety law to help you comply with the law. And what’s more, ChamberHR advisers will balance their explanation of the law with guidance on the practical alternatives that are present in any given situation.

The website provides the ideal solution for dealing with day to day employment problems; the 24 hour telephone advice line completes the service. Not only will the advice line provide guidance and a compliant course of action but through the website you will be able to download relevant documents that are required to provide a complete audit trail.  The website is constantly updated.

Log on to www.chamberhr.co.uk today.  Or call the 24 hour advice line on 02920 349614.

If you have not received your website log in details or you are a new member and would like to register to use the service please contact the membership team by email at membership@liverpoolchamber.org.uk or by telephone on 0151 227 1234

Andrew Baines from Qdos Consulting who provide the ChamberHR service will be contacting all members shortly to ensure that you can access the website and to answer any questions you may have regarding the service.

Over the next few weeks we will be publishing a number of articles providing you with information and guidance on a number of key areas of Employment Law and Health & Safety that may affect your business.

In the first issue we look at the minimum requirements of being compliant with Employment and Health & Safety legislation.

Employment Law and Health & Safety – The Minimum Requirements

An employer’s minimum legal obligation is currently to provide a written statement of the main terms and conditions of employment (Contract of Employment) to all employees within two months of the commencement of employment. The absence of a written document, covering these main areas of the employment contract, will always make it more difficult to defend a claim made by an employee.

The issuing of employment contracts is often accompanied by the provision of a set of specific rules and procedures relevant to your business (Employee Handbook). There are strict legal requirements relating to the issuing of guidelines to employees, particularly in relation to grievance and disciplinary procedures. In all circumstances, however, it can only benefit the employer to communicate clearly to employees the ‘dos and don’ts’ within your particular business. This is again of crucial importance when the employer is required to defend any claim brought by a current or past employee. Currently there is no ceiling on awards related to discrimination race, age, sex..

A compliant Contract of Employment and the documentation including your Grievance & Disciplinary Procedure to enable you to produce an Employee Handbook are available to download from the ChamberHR website.

Under the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974, if you employ five or more persons you must have a written statement of general policy relating to the health and safety of employees at work and the organisational arrangements to carry out this.

Sound health and safety management controls the health and safety risks of a business organisation and activities, products and services and ensures that the business is complaint with all applicable legal requirements.

A competent person must carry out a Risk Assessment, produce a fire policy and related procedures, provide equipment, training, carry out fire drills, keep records and inform employees which action is to be taken in the event of a fire emergency.

A Risk Assessment is a quantifiable process to identify risk and hazards in a given task or undertaking, and then putting control measures in place to reduce/eliminate the incidence of accidents and ill health.

A competent person(s) is required for each aspect of health and safety, whose numbers will vary dependent upon company size, ranging from one or two individuals up to numerous employees.

This statement only provides basic information on health and safety and Employment Legislation, further information and advice on Employment Legislation and Health & Safety are available on the website or by contacting the ChamberHR advice line.

In our next e-news letter we will look at Grievance and Discipline



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