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A Reminder From Merseyside Police June 29, 2007

Posted by liverpoolchamber in Business Crime Direct, News.

This message is being circulated by Merseyside Police and Liverpool Chamber’s Business Crime Direct in response to the car bomb found in central London today:

“Liverpool Crime Alert” – Car Bomb incident in London 29/06/2007


At 0140 this morning a vehicle borne explosive device was discovered in London.

The device contained petrol, gas cylinders and nails.

The Merseyside Police wish to point out to all businesses that there is no intelligence to suggest that Liverpool or Merseyside is under any specific threat. However there are precautionary measures that we can all take:

•    Everyone should be extra vigilant and report anything suspicious to the police. The police welcome this support but also ask people to avoid causing unnecessary concerns. If anyone has specific information about the recent events in London the Anti-Terrorist Hotline is 0800 789 321.

•    All businesses are requested to brief switchboard operators and staff about what to do in case of a bomb warning. A bomb warning incident report can be obtained electronically or in hard copy from Business Crime Direct on 0151 224 1859.

•    All businesses are requested to ensure all staff are familiar with their emergency / evacuation procedures, and businesses should consider training and rehearsals

•    All businesses are asked to inspect their CCTV systems. Ensure cameras are in good working order and tapes are of good quality and replaced if required (no tape should be used more than 12 times. This is particularly true for businesses with external CCTV and all shopping centres, public buildings, commercial buildings and premises with underground parking.

•    All businesses should ensure good security practices. Plan from the outset. Be extra vigilant about mail handling, building access points, visitor supervision, delivery arrangements and parking.

•    All business are asked to carry out their own risk assessments, but if anyone feels particularly vulnerable a full Crime Prevention Survey can be carried out by Business Crime Direct free of charge, Call 0151 285 1413 or visit www.businesscrimedirect.org.uk

•    All businesses are asked to inspect any waste bins or containers regularly and if possible to have them secured and emptied as soon as possible. Particularly those bins in areas where people congregate such as adjacent to licensed premises



1. Kim Campbell - July 16, 2008

Growing up in a British Forces family I spent many years living abroad, where checking suspicious packages or for bombs underneath cars was performed without question. I never wish to go back to those extremes, however I do remember life as a teenager and how it wasn’t difficult to be consistantly security conscious.
Now in business, the importance of simple observation becoming part of normal corporate living makes a lot of sense! It should be second nature to be alerted by the unusual -after all businesses are the one constant on many high streets, always in the same place and doing the same thing!
Many thanks for raising the issue, making me think and providing the important contact details for further action; you have highlighted a very valid point.

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