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Taking Your FX Payments Online With Custom House March 26, 2007

Posted by liverpoolchamber in Custom House, International.

Your successful international growth means your accounting team now needs to process hundreds of foreign payables and receivables each month. There must be an easier way.

There is.

This week we begin a two part series on the benefits of taking your FX payments online.

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Online Services for businesses – Part 1

The growth in the non-bank FX provider market has coincided with the increase in the number of UK businesses taking their international payments online. Companies like Custom House have recognised this unique need and have developed customised solutions that suit specific industry requirements. According to an article on Reuters news (July 25, 2006), “The incursion by non-bank specialists has really taken off in the last few years, helped by the launch of online foreign exchange trading such as Custom House’s platform.”

Why should you take your payments online?

Taking your foreign exchange business online can increase efficiencies and improve the bottom line when doing business internationally. Organisations that previously spent excessive amounts of time processing foreign payables and receivables can see substantial cost savings by consolidating their payment process online. Not only does a customised FX system enhance security, it also works to centralise data entry, reduce redundancies in data input and most importantly, ensure accuracy. All with real-time rates, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

According to Head of Finance for one major international insurance underwriter, “The nature of our business means that we have to raise hundreds of currency wires and drafts at any one time. Custom House’s system is configured to upload a payment file straight from our accounts package – this has reduced time spent on processing transaction from hours to a matter of minutes and has eliminated all keying errors.”

The benefits don’t end there. Next week – we look at how businesses can streamline their payment processing with examples of how our customers benefit from having complete control of their transactions.

To find out more on how you could benefit from Custom Houses online platform for businesses contact Mersey based Ian Meyer – Mobile 07932 024893 or email imeyer@customhouse.com

Business Leaders and Fortune 500 companies worldwide trust Custom House with its secure, award winning foreign exchange services. Over 50,000 clients transact more than US $15 Billion annually on-line and through the Custom House network of trading offices in United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Italy, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore.


1. Matthew "MT4 Forex Trader" Marr - February 19, 2008

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2. Ashley - July 17, 2008

how much would my payments be on a $70,000 house?

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